Paramedic's sending-off within rules


During the second half of regulation time, assistant referee Siphiwe Jibiliza called over referee Ncobo, apparently to complain that he had been verbally abused by a paramedic.

After a hold-up to play of a couple of minutes, Ncobo’s reaction was to send the paramedic off the field.

Schloss says that he has no problem with the decision.

“It is completely within the referee’s right as it is within the laws of the game to take such action,” he told Kick

Santos security officer Donnie Ronnie shed some more light on the matter.

“Apparently the paramedic was shouting at the linesman over an off-side decision. The linesman spoke to the referee and the man was taken off the field. Match Commissioner Pillay seemed to be of the opinion that it was an unnecessary step in sending the paramedic off.

“The boss of the paramedic company has phoned to apologise and as far as I know no further action will be taken at this stage,” said Ronnie.