Plaatjies says they're doing it for Bamfuchile


Speaking to BBC Sport, 26-year-old Jomo Cosmos winger Plaatjies has spoken out over the recent death of the former Brave Warriors’ mentor.

“We’re doing it for him. Obviously, we’re doing it for the country as well, but I think we all have that in mind.Ben contributed a lot for Namibia and for all of us as individual players.

“Since we’ve got a young team, our objective is to go there for the experience, play against the big names in Africa and give our best.

“This will serve as part of our preparations for both the 2010 Nations and World Cups and that’s what we’re aiming for - not going to Ghana to make miracles but as a phase in our development.”

Arie Schans took over as assistant before being elevated to national coach after the Bamfuchile’s untimely death at the age of 47.

The new coach says Namibia’s biggest opponent is time.

“Ghana will have started before I have the chance to know the players. Of course, it’s an almost impossible situation to do it this way, but we’re looking forward to being there.”

Schans, who only met his squad for the first time two weeks ago, added, “When the Namibians contacted me through the Dutch Football Association in December, I must be honest and say, I didn’t know anything about Namibian football.

“My biggest dream for the tournament is that we can make one big surprise - and in my view, a big surprise would be to win one match out there.

“If that happened I think that not only I, but all the players and the Namibian country could be very proud.”