Ajax Cape Town coach Roger de Sa praises departing Anssi Jaakkola


The 29-year-old gloveman signed a two-year deal with the Royals yesterday and de Sa was not at all surprised to see the Finn move abroad to a big club.

De Sa went on to underline that whilst they are losing a good player it was an opportunity for the young keepers in the squad to step up to the plate.

“We are all very happy for Anssi. It’s something we always knew was going to happen, but we are in a very good position where we could allow it to happen because of the quality that we have in Jody, Brandon and Darren as well," de Sa told the club's official website.

"They are currently involved in the junior national teams, so it’s a great position for us to be in. I’ve now got to scratch my head and decide which one will take the gloves.”

Ajax captain Travis Graham shared similarly positive sentiments following the departure of Jaakkola, praising the shot stopper and reiterating what a great opportunity it was for the youngsters.

“I think Anssi played a huge role in the three years that he’s been here. He’s played exceptionally well, he looked after himself and he’s been a good role model, especially to Jody and Brandon," stated Graham.

"It’s really a blessing for him to get a move like that, he really deserves it. He’s worked hard for it. So, from my personal side, I wish him all the best."

“For Brandon and Jody, it’s a good opportunity now. To be second and third choice for too long can become very frustrating, especially for goalkeepers.

"It’s their opportunity to step up now. Everyone has the opportunity to claim their spot now, so we wish them all the best. Whoever gets the opportunity to be number one, will be good for us.

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