Augusto Palacios: My Muti Story


"It's a superstition, otherwise you should win the league every year," Palacios tells KickOff.

"From the time I arrived in South Africa, at Witbank Black Aces I respected the ritual, but I believe in God.

"I respect the muti culture, but why do the teams still pray before a game if muti works?

"I'm Catholic, I believe everything comes from God, yes I was forced to allow an inyanga to the dressing room, and I respected that, nothing I could do.

"I will tell you one story but I will not mention the club.

"We were driving to Durban to play AmaZulu.

"The muti person gave us a soft drink bottle with a red liquid inside, and we were supposed to put the liquid in a bath filled with water, and the players would go in there naked.

"After that, a player would head straight into his hotel room directly to sleep, but he was not allowed to dry himself with a towel or whatsoever.

"But unfortunately me and my assistant forgot the bottle.

"Now what we did we went to Pick n Pay in Durban to buy a Sparletta Strawberry, and we scratched off the name of the brand.

"We went to the beach and we put sand in the bottle, mixing with the Sparletta,

"We went back to the hotel and poured the liquid in the bath, the players got in there... and we won 3-0 (laughs).

"The players were not aware of what the liquid was.

"On some occasions, players' contracts were terminated after they refused to use muti at some of the clubs I coached.

"In South America they also use muti, Brazil also has strong muti practices, but not everyone believes in it."