Bernard Lushozi offers solutions to avoid Orlando Pirates failure after legends club meeting


Orlando Pirates legend Bernard 'Shoes' Lushozi has come out with some scathing criticism about the way the club is run following a meeting with the hierarchy.

Lushozi believes the reason his former side find themselves where they are now is because of the decisions that have been taken by those in higher positions at the club.

Pirates appointed German coach Josef Zinnbauer as their new head coach on Tuesday to replace Rhulani Mokwena, who has moved back to assistant coach.

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The 55-year-old, who was a member of the famous Class of '95 Buccaneers team that won the African Champions Cup, says he and some of the club's legends were invited to the club last week to discuss some of the issues affecting the Soweto giants.

"You know fortunately just now recently we were called to Pirates as legends, on Thursday [last week]," Lushozi tells

"Ja it was me, Eddie [Edward Motale], Jerry Sikhosana and Tebogo [Moloi] you see. The programme was led by Screamer Tshabalala.

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"I guess man Pirates as a business and as an institution is underachieving given Pirates' status. Pirates is something very bigger, and us what we are realising is that it has become easy to play for Pirates you know. It's very easy and Pirates don't get returns as they are supposed to, you see?

"You cannot just join Pirates and come in and play without having been exposed to orientation and be inducted. If they are going to employ you, you must know what is the history of Pirates, you must know that Pirates had players like Jomo [Sono]... this is not something to mess with.

"If you didn't make it somewhere you can't just be roped in. You are going to have to come here and add value, and be the best, because Pirates is a big team.

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"And unfortunately I think the management as well has forgotten who is Pirates. And as you could see as well maybe if you see the likes of Irvin [Khoza] they look more like they are ageing and what-what, and they've given the responsibilities of managing the club to their boys and what-what.

"This is a big institution, it's not like a hip-hop or kwaito stable or something... it has emotional things... people have invested emotions in this team. Other have suffered for Pirates to be at this level you see.

"They [current players] find themselves in this level, getting paid, get everything... there's no excuse for failure. Other people like myself and many other people have done it under compromising circumstances but there were achievements you see.

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"So these are the things that when you get it you find it already here... it was not there. You just get a jam... the way you play, you must think about the people that have started and led it to where it is now. So once you start gaining that respect you are going to respect the team even when you go to the ground.

"This is the same way they give jobs to the coaches. You understand? This thing has got people's emotions inside, you cannot equalise or settle your deals at the expense of Pirates for example. You can't settle deals by making... this boy is made a coach because somebody maybe is trying to shut down KK's mouth [Rhulani Mokwena's father Julius Sono]. This is bigger than just KK, if you understand what I'm saying.

"People's emotions are attached. You hire a coach... let there be processes, professionals that this guy has this history and what-what, not because we use the team to close our deals and what-what. We are heading for failure because many people have invested emotions in this team."

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Pirates have since replaced Mokwena with Zinnbauer, and Lushozi believes any new employee at the club needs to be made to understand the magnitude of what they are getting involved in.

"So that was our contribution in those kind of things [to the club meeting]," he adds.

"I think it's high time to return to ourselves as a team you see, that we go back to history on who made us, who made Pirates who Pirates is you see. Because there's nothing wrong with Pirates, the only thing is just introspection that are we doing what we do as a collective?

"And these boys unfortunately it's not like they are bad players, it's just that they are not told, they are not inducted... they don't even know where they are, they just found themselves at Pirates... you even need counselling you see.

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"These are big institutions so they need to be treated as that you see. We need to have all the aspects or mechanisms of big teams and big businesses where people need to know the vision and mission of the team, and what the team is all about. You are in an institution that you know, you see.

"It's clear that they [the players] are not fed with proper information about the institution in which they find themselves. So that is my view."