Brendan Rodgers claims lack of European participation helps Liverpool, Chelsea


Liverpool suffered defeat in the final of the League Cup and the Europa League and could manage no better than eighth in their domestic league, thus condemning them to a season without European participation.

Chelsea too were unable to secure a spot in any European competition after finishing in a very disappointing 10th position in defence of their league crown.

Rodgers, now manager of Scotland's Celtic, suffered an embarrassing defeat yesterday in a Champions League qualifier against part-timers Lincoln Red Imps of Gibraltar.

The former Liverpool manager has now weighed in on how he believes that not having to compete on too many different fronts will help the Reds and the Blues.

"I think Liverpool have a great chance this year," the Celtic boss told talkSPORT.

"Liverpool and Chelsea don't have European football and that's a huge advantage for you, where you can prepare your team all week for just the one game every week.

"Of course, you'll have domestic cup games in between that, but I think Liverpool will have a good chance this year.

"But it will be very competitive with the coaches that have come into the Premier League, that makes it exciting and I'm sure it'll be a fantastic season."

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