Cavin Johnson confirms Black Leopards exit


Johnson was suspended by Leopards last month after a string of poor results, and subsequently suffered a heart attack after being relieved of duty.

He says is now feeling better and is available to coach at any team that might be interested in his services provided they meet his requirements.

"Ja I'm better, I'm alright, feeling strong," Johnson tells

Asked if he was officially no longer with the Limpopo side, Johnson affirmed it.

"Yes, why are you asking?"

Johnson was told nothing has been confirmed by the club regarding his contract termination.

"Ja well, they will confirm it hey. They will confirm it. I'm sure they will say something in the paper," he says.

"We will have to wait and see what happens hey. My agent has to go out and work a little bit and see if he can find me another job."

Pressed further on if by that he meant he was now back job-hunting again, he confirmed.

"Ja look, I'm taking a break for a little bit now and I'll see what happens, and if something comes up and my doctor says I'm okay, then I will get another job. It's not like I'm crippled, I'm not crippled. I'm still alive and kicking [laughs]," he explains.

"Yeah, we will talk [if there's an interested team], if the conditions are okay and everything is fine then we will look at it. I'm available. It depends on a lot of things.

"It depends on what's happening in that team, how we are going to work, and there's a lot of clubs you come, then look at it and say 'once bitten twice shy' hey."

Johnson was hesitant to discuss his stay with Lidoda Duvha and says everything will be revealed in his book.

"Err... look, the nicest thing I can say about Leopards is, what happened in Venda stays in Venda. One day when I write a book I will tell you all that happened in Venda. What happened in Venda stays in Venda [laughs].

"One day when I write a book, then we will all know exactly what happened in Venda stays in Venda. I write everything in this book.

"In fact, yes, I'm already writing the book. Leopards is going to be one of the highlight chapters... 'Your trip to Venda' will be one of the highlights there, don't worry!"

Contacted for comment, Leopards spokesman Berry Ramunenyiwa sang the same song as Johnson.

"Eish... you know, what happens in Venda stays in Venda [laughs]... so let's leave this story as it is my man."

Johnson has been replaced by Allan Clark on an interim basis at Lidoda Duvha and has already won two games, in both the league and Nedbank Cup.

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