David Modise reveals Kaizer Chiefs player politics between Shakes Khungwane, Pollen Ndlanya, Thabang Lebese


Former Kaizer Chiefs midfielder David Modise says he will never forget the bad welcome he received from some of the club's legends when he joined in 1996.

After helping Cape Town Spurs win the league title and Bob Save Superbowl in 1995, Modise moved to the Soweto giants where he immediately fitted in like a hand in a glove.

However, the 56-year-old self-confessed Rastafarian reveals that his time spent with Amakhosi was not without its own challenges and player politics.

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"You know, players they will always be like that. You know how football was that time. It was like that. When you come, the big players they want to kick you," Modise tells KickOff.com.

"Everywhere, even when you come to Celtic and they don't know you, they want to kick you, they won't pass you, and when they see you are dangerous is when they start to like you.

"Because me at Kaizer Chiefs, I didn't have to prove myself. These guys they never did nothing in football. You couldn't tell me about the likes of Shakes Kungwane, Thabo Mooki... they were there but Chiefs were struggling that time since they came.

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"So me, I had just won a double so you can't talk to me Modise. That was my point and then 'and I'm not your age'.

"They had that Joburg thing you know 'Skeem Saam', but I said, 'Look, if you don't pass to me don't pass to me, it's fine. But somebody is going to pass to me, or you are going to pass to me because you are under pressure only to find you are giving me a good pass.'

"Guys who would pass to me were the likes of Lifa Gqosha, [Frank] Makua, [Jacob] Tshisevhe... you know those are mature guys. Lifa we played together, we met when he was with Bush Bucks. Then you are going to get this from these small boys who were coming from Chiefs development, you understand?

"Because Kungwane the late, he was thinking he is the best you understand. You know he had that idea that if you are from Alexandra you are dangerous [laughs].

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"And then I told him, I said, 'Look my friend, me, you don't know me. I know you are from Alexandra but you don't even know the place that I come from in Bloemfontein how dangerous it is. Don't come and tell me about Alexandra here. I'm not here to talk about you and Alexandra, I'm here to play football. You are going to pass to me. If you don't pass to me, it's up to you. But know even me, I'm not going to give it to you.'

"People they don't know it was not only me who was not being passed to. Even Pollen Ndlanya. Don't forget Pollen came back, and when he came back we started scoring me, him and Thabang [Lebese]. We were a good combination.

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"During a game I could see Pollen is free, but the ball is not going to Pollen. Thabang made a mistake and passed to Pollen and Pollen he scores, and then Shakes shouted at him. I said why?

"And then it gets to where Pollen was supposed to pass to Chillies but he couldn't pass to him and then Chillies said, 'Ja plus wena, you are big-headed!' They are telling Pollen he is big-headed, he thinks he scores goals... they are saying to him, 'You score goals because of us.'

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"I said to Pollen, 'Don't mind as long as I'm in the field, I'm going to get that ball, I'm going to pass it to you, this Thabang is not going to score.'

"Thabang he stayed three weeks without scoring and then he came to us and said 'Aah bafwethu [my brothers]'...I said, 'But Thabang, isn't it you guys who are dividing this team?'

"And then he came back and then he joined us. But that's football. Somebody is not going to pass to you, somebody is going to pass to you."

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