David Radebe explains why Muhsin Ertugral forced him out at Kaizer Chiefs


Radebe, who was also at Chiefs during Ernst Middendorp's first spell in charge of Amakhosi, recently hit back at the German for calling him a 'Derby-only player'.

Now the 40-year-old explains how it was Turkish mentor Ertugral who eventually ended his time at Chiefs, which began in 2002 after he was signed from Free Stars.

"Me and Musasa didn't perform well during his first time at Chiefs [in the early 2000s], maybe for six months before he left. And then from there, when he came back to Chiefs [in 2007] I could see I was gone.

"Because everywhere I met him he would say to me, 'Okay, now that I've left Chiefs you start scoring?' I could see that didn't sit well with him, and that season I became a top goalscorer at Chiefs [2003], immediately he left.

"That became a pain for him. So when he came back to Chiefs he released me."

Radebe and Zambian legend Collins Mbesuma once formed one of the most dangerous partnerships in the history of the PSL.

"Eish, you know me and Mbesuma we just connected... eintlik all the strikers I played with we complemented each other. I played with Musasa and we had an understanding, I played with Jimmy Kauleza... all the strikers I played with we had the right partnership."

He retired in 2016 while still on the books of Mthatha Bucks. These days he is unemployed and sitting idle at his hometown of Koppies.

"At the moment I'm sitting at home doing nothing. There's those small things I'm pushing here and there sometimes to put food on the table. As long as it brings that little money, I don't stress," Radebe says.

"What helps me is that my lifestyle in Gauteng was... I didn't go out that much. I was always indoors. Yes, my lifestyle has changed, but not that much. I welcome whatever job comes my way. But to say I will starve to death, no that's one thing that is not going to happen.

"There this friend of mine... not so long ago he was installing windows in RDP houses. I helped him, we did a lot of things. I helped him there so that maybe he thanks me once they are done. I was not really fully employed there."

Despite being once the Chiefs faithful's hero, Radebe reveals that his favourite PSL team has always been Orlando Pirates.

"My favourite player is [Gabadinho] Mhango. He doesn't remind me of myself but I like the way he plays. He is quick," he says.

"You know at home I have five brothers and they all support Pirates, so you wouldn't dare support a different club. During lunch, we ate Pirates. When we played, we played Pirates... everything.

"But that was not the reason I was always looking forward to beating Pirates though. I did that because it was a big game for Chiefs and Pirates supporters. Eintlik I support both teams because I played a long time for Chiefs. But yes, you can say I'm a Buccaneer."

Radebe adds that it took him some time to understand the meaning of his nickname 'uMkhumbi ka Nowa' (Noah's Ark in Zulu).

"Actually I didn't even understand what uMkhumbi ka Nowa meant," he admits.

"When I met a young boy in the street calling me that I would say, 'Hey you, son, don't call me that. Do you even know what that is?' [Laughs] Then I began to understand its meaning."