Dumisa Ngobe says suspending PSL won't save players from COVID-19


Orlando Pirates legend Dumisa Ngobe believes suspending PSL matches will do little to help reduce the risk of players and supporters catching the coronavirus.

The PSL Board of Governors is set to make a decision today on whether or not to keep the league suspended or resume behind closed doors.

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South Africa is taking necessary precautions to help curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus, which already has 116 known cases in the country since the first infection was discovered on March 5.

But the former Buccaneers star says it's not about football at this stage as players might still catch the COVID-19 virus at their homes and in public places.

"Ja it's closed [the league] but it doesn't solve the problem that is happening," Ngobe tells

"This thing is a virus, where there's people. We are exposed to people, we meet them left and right you understand? It doesn't solve the problem.

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"It doesn't help with anything [suspending the league] because at the end of the day, you see his wife goes to work, he's still exposed to this thing. You understand?

"Closing the league now is just to prevent the spectators from entering the stadiums. Even if people can be two, three, if one of them is infected, he will still infect the others.

"That's why I'm saying they will still get it even if they can stay. It's not like we've put them in a safe place somewhere, they still interact with people. If it was possible for people to stay indoors you see...

"I'm not saying we should have continued playing, but everyone should have stayed at home. But it's impossible because we go outside to the streets. The players are still going to interact and meet other people, it's a setback for teams."

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SAFA issued a firm stance on Wednesday that April 4 is the earliest date the PSL can consider resuming but has warned that playing behind closed doors did not work for the European leagues, with players still getting infected despite empty stadiums.

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