Dylan Kerr embarrassed by Black Leopards behaviour


Black Leopards coach Dylan Kerr was embarrassed by his players' behaviour in their 2-1 loss to Maritzburg United on Saturday.

Lidoda Duvha players had a heated argument after their goalkeeper King Ndlovu wanted to take a free-kick in the last minutes of the game. Kerr was disappointed by the incident.

"He had no right to want to take a free-kick as a goalkeeper, even in training he doesn't practice them. The other players were completely right to remove him, Ndlovu was out of line," said Kerr.

After the game there were also exchanges of words which led to one player insulting the coach, and the chairman of the club had to speak to the team in the dressing room.

Responding to that, Kerr says it is something they will have to sort out internally as a club.

"I understand players are frustrated and want to stay in the PSL but what I saw today was disappointing. I don't mind them angry but saying [f*** off] to me is not good at all," he added.

"Whether I'm wrong or right, I'm still their boss. Fortunately there were no TV cameras because it should've been more embarrassing for this club." 

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