Dylan Kerr says the players in the National Soccer League was better than the current crop


Baroka FC head coach Dylan Kerr says the Premier Soccer League is the worst league in the world when it comes to winning games.

Kerr used to play for Arcadia Shepherds during the National Soccer League (NSL) era and is now a coach in the PSL with Baroka FC.

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The Englishman believes the players that used to play in the NSL were more gifted than the current generation.

"Remember the league is only won on 60 points, it's the worst league in the world for winning matches," Kerr tells snl24.com/kickoff.

"Sixty points wins a football league, now that's got to change. That attitude from players, it’s got to change. The PSL South African football is not even comparable to 1988 when I played in South Africa.

"Players can't even match... the teams in the PSL now couldn't live with the teams that I played with 30-odd years ago. They couldn't live with the players, because the players then played for the jersey, played for the team, played for the contract.

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"And the quality, the stadia were full. Not 5 000, not 10 000 but 50 000, 60 000 people coming to watch football. Because it was entertaining. It was quality. And they would come week after week to support their team.

"And I've been back now twice. Well I've been back now three times. You know Black Aces since 2009, Thanda Royal Zulu, Black Leopards, Baroka Football Club... if anybody can tell me that the football now, compared to when I played here back in the day is better, then show me.

"The PSL is probably the crowning football of African football because it's shown all over Africa. We have the facilities, we have the stadia, we have the financial backing. But the quality, is it better than it was 30 years ago?

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"I played here for three years, and look at the talent that I played with – Jomo, Ace , Proff, McGregors, Scaras, Maponyanes, Doctors, Ace Khuses, 'The Cat' Shongwe, Gary Bailey, Ernest Chirwali, Pitso, Mike Ntombela... all these players that would go out and play for that jersey.

"No money, no signing-on fees, no bonuses... to get a winner’s medal, that meant something. I'm being honest. By the way I will congratulate the PSL for the organisation of the bio-bubble. It was very, very well done."

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