Edward Manqele explains weight gain


Due to the national lockdown football clubs have released their players to train at home, with many having to run around their limited garden space.

Manqele has been struggling with weight problems almost his entire career.

"Going well [training on my own] besides that it's different from what we do on the field, but it's important to stay in good shape," the Real Kings forward tells KickOff.com.

Manqele says he has now found a way to deal with his weight problems.

"It's a bit of a challenge but also motivation for yourself to do more in your spare time. Hahaha! Well I've passed that stage of weight problems. So now I'm good and going strong.

"My body is my engine and I need to take care of it so it can last me longer in the game."

Is a lack of proper training and unhealthy diets the main contributors to athletes losing body shape?

"I don't know. Maybe it was because of stress and things I went through in previous years, because growing up I was not a person with weight problems," he says.

"Diet is very important, and training, so you must always be professional.

Manqele says he has moved on from his disappointing spell at Mamelodi Sundowns.

"Earning a fat cheque etc. doesn't mean everything will sail smoothly in your life," he recalls.

"Life has bumps on your way up. So some of the things are better unsaid. I've moved on from that chapter, I've forgotten about it."