Emille Baron takes PSL insurance issue to SAFPU


Former Bidvest Wits goalkeeper Emille Baron has taken his PSL insurance issue to the South African Football Players Union.

Last week Baron told this website that he was "screwed" by the PSL insurance after he broke his leg in 2013 and ended up having to "sell all his possessions" just to keep up with life.

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"The doctors said because of my age and the severity of the break, I'll never get back on the pitch," the ex-Kaizer Chiefs shot-stopper tells KickOff.com.

"They drilled out all the bone marrow and put a metal rod from my knee to my ankle. According to the PSL they take your monthly salary and times it by five years. My math made it plus-minus R3.7-million. Because I was over 30 they said it would be halved.

"Insurance said I must wait a year, maybe I'll get back on the field. Then they sent me to their doctors, who said the same as the other doctors.

"Just after two years they came with an offer of R400 000. Two for me, two for Wits. Wits gave me the full R400 000 but it was still not nearly as much as I was supposed to get."

SAFPU deputy secretary general Calvin Motloung confirmed that they were supposed to meet the former goalkeeper today but the meeting has since been moved to Thursday.

"Yes about Emille, his case is with us, but we are still discussing two or three things on what's really going on. We'll see how best can we help him so he can bring food home, how he can equip himself," Motloung says.

"For now we will not say anything because we're going to sit down and find out what really happened. Baron said we can meet on Thursday because he will be going somewhere, so we have scheduled for Thursday."

Bidvest Wits CEO Jose Ferreira said the club paid Baron all that was due to him, and more.

"The player was paid out his portion and our portion. The amount that we received from insurance we paid to him in total, plus his portion. The insurance is made to the player and the club. The player got his part, we got our part. And we took our part and gave it to him. All I can tell you is that he's paid out his portion, we got paid out our portion, and we paid our portion to him," Ferreira explains.

"Do you know any club that has ever done that? The club gave him our portion and now I think that's a full stop, no question mark. If we paid him our portion, which is supposed to be for us, and he got his portion, what more can the club do? That's my comment. He got what the insurance paid... then he's got to speak to the insurance company.

"We are going speak for the club, not the insurance company. We are not the insurance company. He got paid his portion, and our portion. If the money was not enough, why did he sign for it? We even gave him our portion. It seems being ungrateful is becoming a trend in this country. Maybe like other teams we should start taking the money for ourselves."