Ernst Middendorp says Samir Nurkovic is being targeted by PSL defenders


Kaizer Chiefs coach Ernst Middendorp feels one of his players is being targeted for rough treatment by PSL defenders.

Middendorp believes there were times when Serbian striker Samir Nurkovic was given rough treatment by Black Leopards during Saturday's 1-1 draw.

Nurkovic has 10 leagues goals this season after scoring again against Lidoda Duvha.

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"You make your own picture. I think of course [he was targeted]," Middendorp said after the match.

"The referee decided and obviously has his opinion that everything was in the frame of the law. How the rules are allowing it, ask the referee, probably I'm not the right one.

"But of course if you are successful, if you are scoring, if you are providing a good strikeforce, you get targeted in particular.

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"The referee has a very clear understanding, he had a good time watching it, and me I'm good. Probably he lost his eye here and there a little bit but it's okay. It's the decisions from the referees, that's why they are there.

"But okay he has his opinion that everything was good, everything was fine. Good, we have to accept it."

Middendorp says he is pleased with the goals his charges have contributed so far.

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"Ja ja, it's nice huh. Everybody, it doesn't matter whether it's Nurkovic, it's Leonardo [Castro], it's somebody else out of other areas [who scores], it's not really interesting," he adde.d

"I'm happy for him [Nurkovic]. I'm happy for Leonardo. I'm happy for the other guys who scored. We have a good goal difference, in total 23. Ja, that's a result of the months five, six we are together now."

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