Gaston Sirino suspension: Pitso Mosimane cites Samir Nurkovic


Pitso Mosimane is hoping PSL prosecutor Nande Becker will hand down a lenient punishment for Gaston Sirino and cited Samir Nurkovic in his own player's defence.

Becker is expected to reach a verdict on Sirino this week over the accident where he was alleged to have hit both Dean Furman and Clayton Daniels in the MTN8 semifinals earlier this season.

The PSL prosecutor has already handed down one of the heaviest punishment's to Cape Town City midfielder Mpho Makola, initially banning him for six months before it was overturned by the SAFA Appeals Committee to four games.

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Mosimane says it is more important for players to stay on the pitch than to serve long periods on the stands due to a ban by the PSL DC.

"I saw [Samir] Nurkovic kicking a player from behind... boom... hit him. Okay, the referee saw or he didn't see, it's not for me [to say]. But now should we go to Nurkovic and say we give you what-what, the ban? For what?" said Mosimane.

"Let Nurkovic play. He is scoring goals. Let the League be nice. So why do we go to Sirino? That's my opinion, and it's not a legal opinion, it's my own personal opinion."

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With Makola back in action after already serving his four matches, Mosimane believes Becker has learnt his lesson in terms of handing down long-term bans to players.

"But it's more legal. It's more of Yogesh [Singh] than me because I will say wrong the things. But you know how is football," Mosimane continued.

"I think Cape Town City have showed us things cannot be the same as Nande was feeling. For me it's good to discipline but don't forget to have proper players playing on the pitch, because it's a good league.

"It's a good race for the league. You can kill it quickly because you made a decision to overrule what the referee has said on the pitch."

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