Highlands Park PSL status not for sale amid Tim Sukazi rumour, says Brad Kaftel


Speculation has emerged that GladAfrica Championship side TS Galaxy have been eyeing the Lions of the North's PSL status after owner Tim Sukazi failed in his bid to buy Bloemfontein Celtic.

"No no no, not at the moment," Kaftel tells KickOff.com when asked if the rumours were true.

"Tim Sukazi, I know him well and he's a great guy, he's done well for himself, but you know at Highlands we haven't concluded anything with Tim.

"Highlands Park is not for sale, and as we speak we have not sold Highlands. We are not even marketing it at this point. Obviously the Hatfield business [Hatfield VW] stands behind it. You know it's a big sponsor.

"Things must still settle. You know we are still in lockdown, we are only at Level 3 at this point. We have still got six games to play if the season resumes. We are not marketing the club, and we haven't sold the club."

Pressed further on if there was a possibility of the club being sold during the off-season, Kaftel did not rule it out.

"Listen, anything is for sale in business. Somebody comes to give you a R100-million... then you would have to pay attention. You would have to look at it you know," he admits.

"But as we speak, it's business as usual for us. We haven't sold the club. Can that change one day? I suppose anything can happen in business. Things happen you know.

"But ja, at this point in time it's business as usual for Highlands Park. We started training today."