Jomo Sono can't comment on Irvin Khoza's decision to suspend PSL football


Jomo Cosmos owner Jomo Sono says he is scared to offer his opinion about PSL chairman Irvin Khoza's announcement to keep football suspended.

Following a meeting of the PSL Board of Governors in conjuncion with the relevant authorities in South Africa, Khoza announced that league matches will not resume until further notice.

Khoza made it clear that the league was only being suspended because of President Cyril Ramaphosa's directives to help curb the spread of the coronavirus in South Africa.

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"Let's be clear that the league was suspended because of the directive from the President that we must assess the situation. Among those directives was the gathering of less than 100 people," Khoza said.

Asked if he believed that was a good decision, Sono showed respect for the Orlando Pirates and PSL chairman.

"No, we are scared of talking about this thing. Remember, it's a protocol, the chairman has spoken and we can't talk after that," Sono tells

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"We must follow the protocol. I don't know [if it was the right decision]. When the chairman has spoken, we can't talk, whether wrong or right we can't talk. Honestly, ja we can't. We don't know, the chairman has spoken. I can't talk.

"I know you are leading me to talk, I won't talk, except that the chairman has spoken. I can't speak after the chairman, I can't, it's wrong. I must follow the protocol.

"Let's go with what the chairman has said, and let's wait for what the chairman is going to say after the 4th [of April]."

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April 4 is the earliest date football in the country will be allowed to resume, as stated by SAFA president Danny Jordaan, but an assessment will first need to be made regarding the status of the COVID-19 threat at that time.