Josef Zinnbauer defends Orlando Stadium ground staff against criticism


Pirates' last three home fixtures have been played on what is often termed 'a cabbage patch', which has not allowed for the free flowing football the team is accustomed to, as recently admitted by Deon Hotto.

This has also affected tactical plans of opposition teams visiting the Buccaneers, but has been pinned on the erratic weather patterns in the Highveld of late.

Zinnbauer, however, feels the stadium's groundsmen deserve plenty of credit for keeping the surface playable, albeit not to their preference.

"It's true, this was the first game, I think in the last three or four weeks, that we play without rain and a deeper field," Zinnbauer told the media.

"It was also deep but compliments to the green-keepers, they really did a top job. You saw the last weeks what we did on this field, and it's always possible to have a good field – not a top field, but the green-keeper cannot change the rain or weather.

"But this was the first day we had a better field and without rain, so I think this was a good thing for us. The players need a good field, and not sliding [due to conditions].

"The players have good technical skills, which requires a good field. But it's not an excuse for us, we have to accept it just like the others teams have to play on the same field."