SAFA CEO Dennis Mumble says National Team takes preference over Carling Black Label Cup


Khune and Mathoho were both expected to feature in the Carling Black Label Champions Cup later this month, but have since been included in South Africa's national under-23 squad for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

The games are set to kick-off in Brazil on 4 August – just five days after the much-anticipated Soweto Derby – meaning the pair are likely to miss the hig-profile friendly, much to the sponsors' dismay.

However Mumble insists the national team is the main priority in this circumstance and expects understanding from event sponsors Carling.

"Well, it's something I think the sponsors expect. The sponsors are also very patriotic South Africans so the South African national team comes first," says Mumble.

"I think they understand that the national team takes priority. Yes, it's an important pre-season friendly but, with no disrespect to the sponsors, it remains a friendly."

He adds: "We haven't spoken to them [Carling] but, knowing them already because they are also in another way our sponsors, they are also the most patriotic you would want to get, so I'm sure they will understand that the national team selection comes first."