Why Kambole has been offloaded again three months after Chiefs release

Lazarous Kambole during his brief spell with Young Africans which has now come to an end
Lazarous Kambole during his brief spell with Young Africans which has now come to an end

KickOff.com has been informed why Zambian forward Lazarous Kambole has been released by Young Africans three months after he was also offloaded by Kaizer Chiefs.

It appears it has gone from bad to worse for Kambole who has been dropped by Yanga without featuring in a single match for the club despite signing a two-year deal in June.

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According to the Tanzania Football Federation, Kambole has transferred to Ugandan club Wakiso Giants with his foreign place at Yanga taken by Congolese winger Tuisila Kisinda who has returned to the club to take up the 12th and last foreign spot.

"Kambole’s case revolves around the fact that he was a top earner (18 million Tanzanian shillings – approx. R136 000) but wasn’t giving the club anything in return due to his injury," says a source.

"He was an uninformed signing by the club who took him just because he was coming from Kaizer Chiefs and arrived sluggish before picking up an injury.

"The injury that he has since picked up means he cannot compete at the level that Yanga require of him so that is why he has been moved to a lower level in Uganda.

"He can play but cannot compete at a high level and maybe if he can recover fully by the end of the year he might be considered for a return.

"The guy (Kambole) is not okay now. 

lazarous kambole during his time at kaizer chiefs

"He is travelling to Zambia today (Friday) and then from there should hopefully proceed to Uganda. 

"The matter at hand is that he was on a big salary at Yanga and so it didn’t make any sense for the club to keep him when he is not playing. 

"Yanga paid him for two months and weren’t going to continue doing so while he is not playing.

"What he was earning at Yanga he cannot get in Zambia or Uganda, so it is a drop for him," says the source. 

Kambole played 114 minutes last season at Chiefs and last played 90 minutes in March last year when Gavin Hunt was still in charge.

In three years at Chiefs, he scored two goals in 46 appearances and spent the last season transfer listed. 

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