Kaizer Motaung comments on George Floyd's killing and Black Live Matter campaign


Kaizer Chiefs chairman Kaizer Motaung has voiced strong support for the global 'Black Lives Matter' movement sparked by continued acts of racism across the world.

Motaung has weighed in on the death of American citizen George Floyd, who was tragically killed by police in Minneapolis on 25 May 2020.

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A police officer was filmed on the phone of a bystander, holding his knee to the neck of Floyd for nearly nine minutes during his arrest for the alleged use of counterfeit money.

During this period, the 46-year-old was heard expressing, amongst other things, his distress at not being able to breathe, before he eventually suffered cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead.

This event sparked mass protests and public outcry over police brutality against black Americans and racial injustice in the United States, while further spreading to other parts of the world, including the UK and Europe.

Check out the gallery above showing several global football figures showing their support for the BLM movement

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“The continued events of racism globally are regrettable and must be stopped once and for all,” said Motaung through Chiefs’ website.

“The acts of oppression cannot continue unchecked and hopefully Floyd’s killing will serve the world as a major turning point to end racism.

“One would have thought the world has moved on. This act brings back the memories of the years of slavery, colonisation, and apartheid here at home [South Africa].

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“It is a crucial time in the world and we stand alongside the rest of the world to condemn this act as a backward tendency.

“I wish to extend my deepest, heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family of George Floyd. I hope that his death will trigger real change around the world both socially and otherwise. May his soul rest in eternal peace.”

Motaung encouraged the protests but emphasised the importance of them being of a peaceful nature rather than incorporating acts of violence.

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“I call upon all of us to challenge the status quo by retaliating with a peaceful demonstration against racism,” he added.

“We need to go back to the basics of loving and living together as one. It is not easy, I can understand, but fighting fire with fire will not change the situation.

“We must engage peacefully to resolve the situation and rid our society of this evil called racism.”

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