Kaizer Motaung Jr offers insight into duties at Kaizer Chiefs


It was on Monday announced that Motaung Jr had completed his third and final year of study towards a BCom degree in Financial Management, and he would thus be taking up a permanent role in the club’s hierarchy, though it was not revealed what his designation was.

Asked exactly what sort of work he would be doing, the 37-year-old remained noncommittal as he insisted his main aim was to continue learning the tricks of the trade from his siblings in the various departments.

 “It’s just an honour to be here, and I wanted to look at things from a different perspective. I spent many years on the pitch, where I learnt a great deal and had many great teammates and coaches,” explained Motaung Jr.

“Right now, I want to be – as I have been for the last couple of years – a sponge, to learn. I’m very privileged to have someone like the chairman [Kaizer Snr], our football manager Bobby, who’s been through it all and achieved great things, my sisters Jessica and Kemiso and many others, to learn from.

“So, I’d love to just be a sponge and add value, and that’s the crux of what I’ll be doing. Because at the end of the day it’s about giving back to the club.

“What I’m saying is that I’ve finished my studies and now it’s about applying my studies, which were on the business and financial side but there’s also many elements to it that can be applied in different areas of the institution.”

Meanwhile, much has been said on various social media platforms regarding his obtaining this qualification – alluding to his position of privilege as a Motaung, but ‘Junior’ has since hit back.

“Education is not about the family but about the individual because, if you’re studying, it’s you and those books in order to get whatever degree you want to get,” responded Motaung Jr.

“No one’s going to help you there – you can be born into [Donald] Trump’s family, but Trump won’t help you get that degree. So, it’s a personal achievement that no one can take away but at the same time no one can help you get.

“There are people who are underprivileged and can get 10 distinctions, so it’s not about who you are or where you come from but, rather, what you want to achieve.”