Khethokwakhe Masuku supports Fortune Makaringe showboating skill, hits back at Pitso Mosimane


Former Orlando Pirates crowd favourite Khethokwakhe Masuku says Pitso Mosimane has no right to tell an opposition team how they should play.

South Africa's most successful coach slammed Pirates midfielder Fortune Makaringe for showboating during their 1-0 loss to the Soweto giants on Wednesday.

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Makaringe brought the Orlando Stadium crowd to its feet when he knelt on top of the ball in true Mzansi style, but Mosimane was not impressed, even mocking the move when the ball went out of play and gesturing to the fans.

But Masuku, who was notorious for doing such tricks during his Absa Premiership days, says Makaringe was just satisfying the paying customers and should be allowed to do so even in future games.

"I won't say much my brother, it's the way Pitso feels, and Makaringe whatever he did was the way he felt at that moment," Masuku tells

"It made him happy you see, a tleast it brought the game back to life a bit. He has a right to do it. The coach's opinion is his opinion, there's nothing we can do about it.

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"But what he did it's something that everyone liked, even myself personally I support it. [Laughs] I rolled with laughter when he did the trick, I won't lie my brother. I said to myself 'here we go, finally here's what we've been missing all along' you see. That made me happy.

"I support what he did. I wish he can keep on doing it. When the team is leading I understand. People take their last money and come to the stadium to watch such football.

"Not to say goals are not important, yes, the goals are important, but at times you need to make the supporters happy because they deserve to be happy, they deserve to get something to talk about when they get home.

"So that next time they come in numbers when they come to the stadium saying 'I want to see what that guy did live this time, not on TV, I don't want to hear it from other people'.

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"They say you disrespect your opponents but I don't know how you disrespect them when you play with a football. I don't understand because in football remember there are players who can mark, there's players who can pass, there's players who can dribble, who have skill, you understand?

"So when you express your talent I don't see a difference between someone who will pass a long-ball from that side to that side and a person who likes short passes, in and out using short passes... I don't see a difference.

"It's the way you express yourself. At times you stand still with the ball because you want your teammates to run into spaces."

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Masuku was asked if he thought players like Doctor '16V' Khumalo, Zane 'Magic Feet' Moosa, Donald 'Ace' Khuse and Asande 'Scara' Ngobese – who made names for themselves by performing such tricks in every game – would have excelled if they were coached by the current coaches.

"Now it's called showboating, but in those days they would even stand on top of the ball, people saw no problem," he argues.

"Nowadays we don't even stand on top of the ball, we play with the ball, you understand? To make people happy just like the way they did in those days.

"On my side Pitso had no right to tell an opposition player how to play, because like even in his team his players do this thing. The likes of Themba Zwane do this thing, the likes of [Sibusiso] Vilakazi, they do it.

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"My advice to Makaringe is he must not stop, he must carry on. He must continue where he left off. He must continue raising the spirits emajiteni [to the guys] because we've been missing such things."