Komphela preaches Kaizer Chiefs way ahead of Carling Black Label Cup against Orlando Pirates


Fair enough, some are not convinced with the choice of new arrivals at Naturena yet the optimists feel the new signings will prove the doubters wrong.

For the man in charge Komphela – whose reign will not be wrapped in cotton wool like it was in his first year when he had to inherit an ageing squad – just how does he feel with what has been brought in and do these new players match his needs and style of play?

“Not my needs per say, not my style of play per say,” responds Komphela in his typical sophisticated manner.


“Looking at how Chiefs needs to play, it is only fair that a Chiefs team has to take the initiative. A Chiefs team has to be proactive, as a Chiefs team you cannot react. If you Chiefs and when I say you are not proactive I am talking about being too defensive, you are reactive. You saying I am giving you the initiative as the opponent, I don’t care about the ball and I will sit, have the ball, then I want to come out on the counter, I want the space. Chiefs cannot afford that only.

“Whilst acknowledging that the game, whether you like it or not, you play with and without the ball. When you don’t have the ball if you are Chiefs, what do you do? Then you have to take advantage of the space. When you have the ball, it is a goal kick, the ball is put there, Brilliant (Khuzwayo), Itu (Khune) or Luthando (Sixhaso) is starting the game, what do you do? Do you kick it forward so that the opponent must have it so that you again you wait and hit on the counter. It can’t be. One, two, three and you will start getting a feeling that no wait a minute but we are not playing well. So Chiefs is such that they have to take the initiative,” he explains.

With that said is Komphela at that stage of not only having opponents with their backs to the wall as he overpowers them into submission?

Being a man of optimism and a qualified school teacher, he knows too well how to detail his plan which he remains certain will come through though not too sure how long it might eventually take. And in that he has got no fear of even losing his job in seeking to drive through his belief as a Chiefs coach.

“…if you want to dominate you want to get the ball it means your game model in defence must compliment that as well that you need the ball as quick as possible. Those are things that it takes time to implement and if well implemented you come through. Even in your attack, as you start to attack you already prepare yourself for the next phase that I am going to lose the ball after this but am I placed and positioned in a manner that I can get it back immediately. Those are all things that you work on.

“They must get on to the field but before they are on the field they must be put on the players’ head and that you should gather it into the players’ heads the head must be soft enough, it must be prepared and it must be ready and you need time to do that. I think we have had sufficient time, it might not come out immediately, it might take you three months, four months, six months, a year or you might lose your job but at least do what is right,” he details while with a courageous conclusion.

“The biggest fear with human beings is to be scared to lose a job. Listen, the joy of people is much more important than me losing my job. If you were to go to Nelson Mandela, he sacrificed his life for people to be at peace. Sacrifice your job for people to have joy and that is how I look at it,” he signs off.

Komphela's men take on Orlando Pirates in the annual Carling Black Label Champion Cup at FNB Stadium on Saturday.