'Let's show patience with Arthur Zwane'


Dominic Isaacs says continuity is what might have led the club's board to arrive at their decision.

"It's good for continuity, someone new is not going to have time to familiarise, first players must know his style, how he likes to work and whatever," Isaacs tells KickOff.

"I think they've been busy signing players, I hope it's Arthur's signings not management' signings, let's hope it's the players he wants.

"Let's give him a fair chance, let's give him what we have given Stuart Baxter.

"But I know Chiefs people, they are not people who are interfering with the management of the team, because I've been there.

"I know they will support him because at the end of the day that is their appointment and they will want to succeed as well.

"From what I've known and experienced Chiefs look after their players and everybody else.

"So it's now up to the players to come to the party, players' individual errors have been costing Chiefs now for years, let's be open and let's be honest.

"If they cut that out half of the problem will be solved, most of the players played in the Champions League final against Al Ahly.

"I'm sure they have a plan, this job already comes with pressure, I'm sure Arthur is aware of that."

Asked if it would be realistic for the Chiefs faithful to expect a trophy next season, Isaacs responded,

"I would also love to have a trophy next season, but you know what causes the pressure? It's because Sundowns is doing well.

"But let's try to do something that we normally don't have, let's be patient.

"We now in a time where we want instant success, even now the microwave is even taking longer for us.

"So let's be fair let's give him a chance let's see how it goes, let's support him, let's pray for him and let him do his work."