Luc Eymael agent claims victory over SAFA, explains Chippa United exit


The Belgian coach was expected to take over from Dan Malesela at Chippa United after he was recently shown the door but allegations of racism from his previous job in Tanzania continue to haunt him.

Eymael told this website on Wednesday that the matter is being dealt with by his agent Brett Arthur, as well as his lawyers.

"You know what it is? SAFA have admitted to Luc and myself, and Luc's lawyer," Arthur tells

"So we have enough correspondence from SAFA where they have told us, Tebogo [Motlanthe] and his team, that Luc is cleared and they can't stop him from working in South Africa.

"But the problem is, when he comes in here people are telling us one thing, and the politicians and guys like Robert Marawa and all the others are just looking for stories and they are steering things on the other side. So all of a sudden now municipalities are getting involved, and that's what's making it different.

"So as it stands, it looks like Luc will never coach here again unfortunately. So he will get on the plane and go home, and this country have lost him unfortunately because they can't accept that we've dealt with SAFA, we've beaten SAFA... and we just want to make a noise you know.

"So what they actually want Luc to do is to apologise for something he didn't do. So ja, 'Kill the person, say you are guilty, come work in the PSL, because we've blown the story up now we don't want to say we are wrong.'

"So really what SAFA needs to be doing is coming out publicly to say, 'We've received enough evidence on the basis of what we've seen, and Luc can come and work here again'. But at the same time, we can't have outside interference coming in.

"Ja so that's really the situation right now. I mean SAFA have told us that they have enough evidence to allow him to come and work here. But they are making the 'come and work here' part difficult because people are interfering. Chippa and their chairman they want Luc, they are just having so much political pressure that they have to walk away from this deal.

"Do you honestly think a guy who is a racist and is completely guilty, is going to continue to try to work in a country where he knows that people are trying to do him wrong? He is not that stupid, trust me."