Luc Eymael argues against perceived text messages to Bloemfontein Celtic bench


The Belgian tactician was seen texting messages from the stands during a 0-0 draw against Cape Town City, in what was perceived by many as sending messages to his technical team on the bench on the day.

Eymael, who is back in the country after attending a refresher course for his UEFA Pro licence in Belgium last week, was forced not to start his work as Celtic head coach due to an interdict filed by his former employers Polokwane City.

"They will have to prove it [that I sent messages to the technical team]."
Eymael tells "I'm allowed to text people.

"I can send messages to people. I send messages to my wife and my friends all the time, but I did see [on tv] what you are talking about."

Celtic team manager John Maduka, who was on the bench against the Citizens, says Eymael is a very professional coach and therefore won't do such a thing.

"But even a supporter can always help from the stands." Maduka explains. "Even supporters can tell you who to put in, but I don't mean the coach did it.

"There's nothing like that, he is a professional, but what proof do people have that he sent us a message? I didn't receive any message.

"In our technical team it's the goalkeeper coach Simon Gopane, Lehlohonolo Seema and myself, and all of us don't sit with phones on the bench."

Meanwhile, PSL spokesperson Luxolo September says it will be very difficult to prove that coach Eymael is coaching the club from the stands using a cellphone, and thus the league won't be able to take any action.

"But can you really prove it? I also saw what you are talking about, but what if he was sending a text to his wife or girlfriend?" asks September.

"Unless someone can come out and say the coach has sent me this message, it will be difficult to prove so I don't know what to say about this matter. Actually, I have got nothing to say."