Luc Eymael confirms he will appeal the DRC judgement ordering him to return to Polokwane City


Eymael has been ordered to return to Rise and Shine after the club took him to the Dispute Resolutions Chamber for breach of contract.

The Belgian coach last month resigned from the Limpopo-based club and joined Bloemfontein Celtic on a two-and-a-half-year deal just one day later.

Eymael has since confirmed to that he will appeal against the DRC order to return back to his disgruntled former employers.

"This is unfair. It's inhumane. It's against the law. No one is obliged to go where they are not comfortable and his life in danger," Eymael tells this website.

"I will not put my life in danger and not be comfortable to work. I have a family, two children and a grandson. I cannot die in South Africa, I'd rather die in my own country.

"I am going to appeal. I cannot go back to work where my life is in danger. Everyone saw what happened on TV and I cannot put my life in danger."

The formerAl-Merrikh mentor said he did not leave City with the sole intention of joining Celtic, but was instead forced out by certain circumstances.

"My relationship with the chairman was broken down. I was no more comfortable to work in the club. There was interference from the chairman," he added.

"It was too much. I couldn't continue working where conditions were no longer good for me. I am not obliged to go and work where my life is in danger.

"There are rules in the country. I have a family and I didn't come to die in this country!"