Luc Eymael has been ordered to return to Polokwane City by the PSL's DRC


Celtic CEO Khumbulani Konco was quoted as saying that a judgement had been handed down by the Premier Soccer League’s Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC) on Tuesday, and that Eymael was instructed to return to the Limpopo outfit.

“We are still studying the document and will revert back on what options to go forward with,” Konco was quoted on IOL. “One of them is that we can appeal the decision taken by the DRC. I think we have seven days to appeal, but I will have to confirm with our lawyers.”

City took Eymael to the DRC after he resigned from them last month and swiftly joined Phunya Sele Sele on a two-and-a-half year contract.

The Belgian coach claimed his work conditions had become untenable at City and that there was interference from management in team affairs.

When he took Celtic to play City in a league clash earlier this month, which his new side won 1-0, there was an ugly scuffle involving him and officials from Rise and Shine.