Luc Eymael hits back at Nikola Kavazovic claims at Free State Stars


Former Free State Stars coach Luc Eymael has rubbished current coach Nikola Kavazovic's claims that he left the club in a mess.

Eymael performed wonders last season as the Betlehem-based side lifted the Nedbank Cup, their first trophy in 24 years, and qualified for the CAF Confederation Cup for the first time in their history.

Stars also finished in the top six on the log before the Belgian parted ways with the club in November last year and moved to Egyptian side El Geish FC.

Kavazovic said he "found a dirty, rubbish side" when he took over from Eymael.

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After reading the article, Eymael contacted this website to give his side of the story.

"First of all I want to wish Free State Stars to stay in the PSL, so I want to wish him all the best despite him being very impolite with me," he tells

"Secondly, I want to remind everybody, when I left Free State Stars was number eight.

"Thirdly I think Kavazovic took the team in December, he made transfers. I think the club gave him transfers, they gave him a new assistant or a fitness coach when he asked, and he brought some players that he wanted, and he put in the side players who were there. That's the choice of the coach I would certainly not comment on.

"But I just want to say it's not like he didn't find anybody good in the team, and also the club supported him and gave him the right to transfer some of his players. I don't want to comment about the tactics he uses and all those things because I'm not there in South Africa.

"Despite that I'm aware about a lot of things by the fact that I'm still following closely the club in the PSL... just what I want to say is that we can only discuss the work that has been done until now.

"You remember when I took over, Free State Stars was at the bottom of the league? I finished number six or number five, I won the Nedbank Cup, and I won the Ke Yona Cup, their two first trophies for the club in 24 years. Nobody can take that away from me.

"Secondly, I won six trophies in eight years in Africa, not one trophy. Six trophies in different countries. So before talking you have to look in your own plate.. .and your mirror you know. If you look for example at some coaches who took their teams in some bad positions, they are trying to do their best to pick results up as they are trying to save the teams without talking about the previous coaches. So don't search for excuses.

"And lastly huh [laughs], I want to say that at the end of the day it's only work that is talking for you. For example you see the legacy or the structure that is still in place in Polokwane City, I think when [Bernard] Molekwa took over from me he did well. The coach now of Polokwane City [Jozef Vukusic] is again doing better, but the foundations were there, but they never talk about me.

"And I think it's the same thing when I took over from Sammy Troughton, I never spoke badly of Sammy Troughton. So it's only work that is talking at the end of the day. We are talking about trophies, we are talking about what happened at Polokwane City, so everybody has to do his own job.

"I have nothing else to say, just again that I wish Free State Stars my former players to save the club from relegation.

"You know when I arrived in Egypt the club was not in a good situation, and I arrived in the end of November... and now the club is okay you know. I didn't do any transfer but I did my job. Okay the results are far to be perfect but the club is okay, no more fighting for relegation.

"We are in position ten but three points behind seventh... there are 18 teams in the [Egyptian] Premier League here. But it's very difficult to do better because I didn't do any transfers and players are less paid in my club than 97 percent of other teams."