Luc Eymael ready for Premier Soccer League return

Luc Eymael
Luc Eymael
Former Free State Stars head coach Luc Eymael says he is no longer happy at Egyptian club Tala'ea El Gaish and is open to returning to South Africa.
Eymael joined the North African club in November 2018 after parting ways with Ea Lla Koto, a club he helped win a major trophy in the form of the Nedbank Cup for the first time in 24 years.
As reported by this website yesterday, the Belgian tactician is looking for a return to Absa Premiership football.
"I'm open to a return to South Africa," Eymael tells
"What is true is I'm not enjoying my club in Egypt. That are the only the things that are true. I'm open to a return to South Africa but I didn't speak to any team now. It's not a question of Egypt, I'm not enjoying my club. I'm not happy with the management, how they manage the club.
"It's the club of the army you know so the players who are playing in this club are players who have to do military service. You have to know in Egypt that a military service is an obligation. If you make [it to] university you have to do one year military service.
"What they are doing, they are catching players in other teams who are obliged to do military service, and they oblige them to play for the team, and they pay them less really than what they are earning in the other teams. It's a reason why the players are not happy to play here. That's the first thing that's really important. The players are not happy to play for this club.
"Secondly the club is managed by a retired General every day, and he tries to manage the soccer players like soldiers. But I told him several times that soccer players are not soldiers. He is the reason why I'm not happy. Also, I'm the first foreign coach working for this club. I'm living in a hotel, it's not comfortable and I don't have my own apartment. I don't have my house, I don't have my flat.
"My wife cannot come all the time like she wants, and you know we are in the centre of Cairo. There are different rules for women. It's not easy you know especially for my wife, for example now it's three months I didn't see my wife, four months I didn't see my kids, it's too much you understand? 
"And I'm only four hours forty minutes from Belgium. It's not easy, it's a reason I don't want to stay in this club. I don't say I don't want to stay in Egypt, I don't want to stay in this club. My contract is finishing in June, I don't know if the season will be finished in June because there's a big problem of organisation here in Egypt [because of AFCON]. 
"We don't know when we will be playing the last two games, but my contract is finishing in June, so if the season is not finishing in June, if the season is finishing in July that's not my problem, my contract is finishing in June so I can sign where I want to. I have a one-year option, but it's a mutual option. The club already asked me to stay but me I'm not at all [willing] to stay here. It's simple, I'm open to returning to South Africa."