Lucas Sebona recalls Batch, Naughty memories

Marc Batchelor
Marc Batchelor
Ex-Moroka Swallows midfielder Lucas Sebona says he did not expect to see former teammate Marc Batchelor pass on the way he did.
Batchelor was shot dead inside his car outside his home on Monday in what was believed to be a professional hit.
"Hey man it was very sad," Sebona tells
"Even the way he passed on, I didn't expect Batch to go that way. Yes I know him, he didn't want to be told what to do, but as a businessman I never expected... maybe you expect him to die because of sickness and whatever like other people. But not in a gruesome manner like this, considering he is a public asset as well you see."
'Makhokhoba', as Sebona was known in his playing days, describes the former striker as someone who was fun to have around as a teammate.
"He used to be fun to have around. From far you would think he was not a good person, someone who liked to fight, but the more you became closer to him you realised he lived in principle, he had a guideline. To him wrong was wrong and right was right you see. 
"He was very disciplined when it came to other things like behaviour, he didn't have this attitude that 'no I'm white I must get preferential what-what' you see. He was very down to earth, but he fought for his rights. If a coach made him do wrong stuff he would tell him straight to his face 'no this is wrong' and he would protect his teammates as well. On the pitch if an opponent started a fight against you he would intervene as if he was affected. 
"He was a team player, he understood how teamwork had to function. He was never selfish, even my move to Mamelodi Sundowns he was the first person who called to inform me about the interest. I played with him at Swallows, he referred me to Sundowns but he had already left Sundowns at the time. He was never greedy, he appreciated a talent if it was there.
"I remember once, him and Naughty [Mokoena] having a fight at Swallows. What happened is Martin Zwane said something I can't remember to Batch and Batch wanted to attack Martin, and Naughty intervened, but they only exchanged words and it was during the pre-match meal [laughs]. 
"Naughty was busy shouting in Sotho, 'Never! This guy is white and the white people's time is over in this country!'
"You know how loud Naughty was. He was very aggressive. But Batch became a bigger person and realised he was arguing with a 'crazy person' here. He understood when we calmed him down and we won that game. 
"One advice Batch would always give you is 'always be yourself, never fake yourself, never lie to yourself' [sighs]. Ja, that's what I learned from him, up until today I still live by that principle. Be true to yourself. I don't live to please anybody.
"May his soul rest in peace, God knows He has substituted him but He knows why. Let's leave everything to God, he is one referee who doesn't do mistakes and who is not biased, he doesn't rely on VAR you see. We can question everything but if it was meant for him to go this way, it was meant, it's all in God's hands. Condolences to his family and all those who lived around him. We will miss him."