Marco Mthembu backs up David Modise claims about Kaizer Chiefs sabotage


One of David Modise's former teammates from the Kaizer Chiefs team of the mid-to-late 1990s has backed up his claims about deliberate sabotage of new players.

Modise singled out the late Shakes Kungwane as being part of a clique that was unwelcoming to new signings during a time when Chiefs did not win many trophies.

After reading that article, it resonated so much that Marco Mthembu contacted this website all the way from the United States to say his piece.

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Mthembu, who now lives in America, urges current players to never repeat the old football culture of sabotaging new teammates in the name of initation as it does no good for any club.

"The story of David Modise really touched my heart," Mthembu tells

"Having gone through the same experience, I know it can easily destroy any player. Well, I have forgiven them. But in 1994 I experienced similar treatment from some of the players who were an alliance syndicate of skeem saam friends or from the same place.

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"Players that would not pass the ball, that was all psychological intimidation to kill your esteem or your confidence so you would be discouraged.

"I'm not trying to bad-mouth people but these stories are true. Ya ne! Players like Tshepo Molatedi should man up and apologise on behalf of those who have also died, for their heartless, selfish behaviour or actions.

"They would either not give a good pass or play it behind or over-play a pass like they had good intentions to play the ball. They wanted to be stars so bad they would rub players like Wedson Nyirenda, Jacob Tshisevhe and Mike Maringa with muti before games at camp.

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"What was sad was that they would not do it to white players. They only focused on blacks, including coloureds and foreign players. In the meantime, Chiefs spent top money for players but they were being sabotaged.

"It's some players from Alexandra and Soweto. When we drove on a team bus you'll see that they come from poverty homes around Jozi. So they created an alliance to target newcomers for their survival. This was their way to get out of poverty.

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"I just did not like how they schemed to destroy great players that could have helped the club and national team. We share these stories to help young players not to repeat similar actions.

"I've got friends in Soweto and Alex, not everyone was like them. Even in 2001, I confronted a player from Alexandra on the bench for rubbing muti on me. I called him out, and another teammate started asking what was going on during a live game at Johannesburg Stadium."

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