My Muti Story: Maritzburg United goalkeeper King Ndlovu

11. King Ndlovu - 3 clean sheets
11. King Ndlovu - 3 clean sheets

In this edition of My Muti Story Maritzburg United goalkeeper, King Ndlovu tells a story of how a former club chairman used the practice in an attempt to improve their poor performance.

The 29-year-old previously played for the likes of the University of Pretoria FC, Roses United, FC Cape Town, Garankuwa United, Jomo Cosmos, Black Leopards and Marumo Gallants FC.

"There's one team I previously played for, a team I won't mention (laughs)," Ndlovu tells KickOff.

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"I think we were playing against SuperSport United away, a muti man was brought to do work his magic on us.

"He then did his stuff right in the middle of the night, it was around 11 p.m.

"He woke us up and cleansed us with his stuff, we were ordered to get inside a bath...only to lose 4-0 to SuperSport United the following day [laughs].

"Then came our not-so-pleased chairman who told the muti man he was giving him a last chance.

"Then came our next game, which was against Mamelodi Sundowns, and before the Sundowns match, the very same muti man came again to our hotel.

"Again, he poured his muti inside a bath and again we were told to get inside and bath.

"Daai man was busy talking 'No today we are winning, So and so is scoring three goals and this one is going to score two.'

"Sundowns beat us 2-1. The chairman called us to a meeting telling us he was sacking the guy because he was costing us.

"Then the next game we decided to resort to prayer only, there was no muti there was nothing. Guess what, we won 3-2.

"Then after the game, our chairman came to us screaming 'Yes I told you guys that I'm a God-fearing man, this muti stuff of yours doesn't work[laughs]!' when it was our idea to turn to prayer.

"From there onwards we prayed and never used muti again, but that was until we lost again.

"After losing a game we went back to using muti again [laughs]."

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