Moma Medic wins case against Tshakhuma Tsha Madzhivhandila for unpaid salaries


Medic left the GladAfrica Championship club during the month of September, with CEO Sello Chokoe citing gross misconduct as the reason for his departure.

The former Orlando Pirates assistant then informed this website a few days later that he was planning to take legal action against the Limpopo side to claim three months of unpaid salaries.

Now according to Medic and his agent Zoran Mikovic, on Tuesday at the PSL offices the club was told to pay the money owed to him.

"Ja well there wasn't really that much of a case because they are owing the money, they are owing the three salaries and bonuses," Mikovic tells

"We signed the agreement and that's it. The coach is free now.

"The club must pay in two instalments, by the end of this month, and second by the end of November, then it's fine.

"But I think they really hit a jackpot with the coach because if you remember he came there and took them to the promotion playoffs, and then they make a decision like that."

The agent took the opportunity to address the club's claims that Medic was fired because of failing to use the required number of under-23 players in a game against TS Sporting last season.

"The coach was never chased away from the club," Mikovic insists.

"Actually he terminated the contract based on the outstanding amount of money which was three salaries plus a bonus for the playoffs, which was owed to the coach. That was was the original situation why we terminated the contract, and as you can see we won the case, so that is exactly what happened.

"They made up a story to make the coach look bad and because there was a substantial amount they had to pay, so that was one situation they were trying to cut down in terms of the amount of money they had to pay. As you can see in terms of the case that we won, the full amount is going to be paid."

According to Chokoe, it's not true that they were ordered to pay the coach, but as a club they decided to settle the matter out of court.

"No we were not ordered," Chokoe responds.

"We reached a settlement to settle the contract. The matter was supposed to go to the PSL but we reached an agreement. You know when you reach an agreement to settle out of court?

"Look, it's not like we were fighting the coach, you must remember his contract was going to end in June. So if we sit, we talk and he decides to take the three months' [salary], why do we have to be difficult?

"We also understand that he was having six more months remaining in his contract and we parted ways amicably, so we had to meet the poor guy halfway you know."