Mpho Makola wins SAFA appeal against PSL ban


Makola was hit with a hefty six-month ban in November after being found guilty of assault by the League’s judiciary arm, which was met with widespread criticism over its severity.

City and the player then proceeded to appeal the outcome through football motherbody SAFA, who have since declared the ruling unfair and overturned the decision to a four-match ban, which comes into effect retrospectively.

“Absolutely true! Nothing changed, that’s the correct decision that I said from the beginning. We obviously only received the outcome now,” Comitis tells

“The appeal board unanimously found that the finding of ‘guilty’ of assault against the appellant is set aside. The sanction of six-months' ban is also set aside.

“The appellant is guilty of unsportsman-like conduct towards the referee, and the appellant is suspended for four matches. The suspension will apply retrospectively. No order against costs.

“So that means he’s already served his four-match suspension, and he’s playing the next game.”