My Muti Story: Shaun Permall


The retired striker says it was, even more, worse at Moroka Swallows where they were forced to play in a wet kit in almost every match.

"I remember at Swallows our shirts were soaked, soaked every week (laughs)," Permall tells KickOff.

"But for me, the funniest story was when I was at Chiefs and we refused to do this whole muti ritual across the road there at the farm opposite the village in Naturena.

"Myself and Gary Goldstone they kept us from the training session from the morning right until like six o'clock in the evening after we refused to do this ritual.

"But it wasn't hectic at Chiefs, I think it was more hectic at Swallows, and the team we played against like Jomo Cosmos and Orlando Pirates they were quite hectic regarding using muti.

"So at Chiefs what happened was, we were training in the morning and then they said to us everyone must do this, everyone had done it already.

"You know mos opposite the village there was a farm there, So they kept us there from the morning until six o'clock in the evening, we were there the whole day.

"Bra Sam (Motaung) he was inside and we were coming in, then we had to walk on this rope, a string, then we had to take off our clothes, get into a bath, they started throwing stuff on us, put some stuff on the eyebrows and had to walk out of this house on this rope and we couldn't look back,

"But the fact that me and Gary we were laughing and looking at each other, and bra Sam was standing at the door we turned around laughing then we left.

"Then they kept us there at training the whole day because we didn't want to do it, the sun was almost setting when we were finally allowed to leave. Everyone had gone home already. We had lunch there.

"You know me and Gary mos we don't keep quiet.

"They said Kaizer did it, they said even Abdullah Mayet did it, everybody did it.

"We just didn't believe in stuff like that man, eventually we did it because a lot of people believed in it, it didn't mean we believed in it.

"So we just did it to get them off our backs so that we can go home.

"I think I just finished that season then I left, then I went to Swallows then I got the same shit,

"Bra Junior the Kitman yesses! The Swallows kit was wet wet wet every game. I think it was worse with the strikers.

"Ours was even dirtier than the rest, and you know Swallows used to play in white mos."