Orlando Pirates coach Muhsin Ertugral to play two strikers


The club's fans has already made known what their preferred choices upfront will be for the coming season by voting both of Thamsanqa Gabuza and Tendai Ndoro into the starting XI for the Carling Black Label tie against Kaizer Chiefs at FNB Stadium on Saturday.

Ertugral’s predecessor Eric Tinkler never believed in playing Gabuza and Ndoro in the starting XI which shrank the number of his symphathisers in the stands which eventually contributed to his sacking.

“We already have a great combination between Gabuza and Ndoro, so why one when we have two who complement each other,” says Ertugral.

“We need to find a system that helps them when we lose the ball, where are the areas that we need to close or how can we guide the team in a certain area to win the ball back again. We looked into details and realised that we didn’t have a box striker who plays with his back to the opponent. We have line players who all want to face. Ndoro wants to face and Gabuza wants to face but Gabuza is actually a mixture because he can come again and hold the ball.

“So these are all elements that you need to look into, actually they combine very well with each other. One who likes to face can go into the lines and the other one has the potential to play with his back to the opponent. So we need to look into that a lot more and who compliments who but I don’t think that we should have a number 10. We could have a number 10 position tactically, one of them could always drop after losing the ball into a certain area which helps the midfield,” he notes giving further detail.

“Today’s football is a little bit dangerous because you open your lines, your channels in front of the midfield, in front of the defence line and so if the strikers are not very clever and close that line there could be problems. So the 4-4-2 is a little bit dangerous which is why a lot of teams prefer the 4-5-1 so that the midfield doesn’t go in quickly and open the backline. Any aggression needs to be organised so if you always on press, press, if you press someone you have to be aware of your lines and so you need to be careful,” explains the experienced tactician.