Pep Guardiola states his intentions to prove his managerial capabilities at City


The 45-year-old Spaniard seemed to infer that success at City would be deemed far more of an achievement than at his former clubs Barcelona and Bayern.

"That’s why I am here [at City], to prove myself," he told reporters at his first official press conference today.

"I was at the Barcelona where I had the best player ever, I knew the players from the academy. Then at Bayern, who had a lot of experience as well for many, many things and now this is another test for me.

"It would have been comfortable to stay where we were. But I feel it’s the right time to come here and prove myself.

"I have to convince the players to play how I want."

Guardiola went on to reveal how indebted he felt to City for having given him the opportunity to test his managerial mettle in England's top flight.

"I will always be grateful for this club for allowing me to come to this country and join the Premier League.

"I think every coach has to prove themselves in the Premier League. Man City gave me that chance and I will always be grateful. I will fight until the last day."

The City faithful will be treated to a recognisable brand of football as Guardiola intends on sticking to what he knows.

"When I arrived at Bayern, it was my first experience of moving on from the club I was at since 13," he said.

"I feel completely the way Barcelona play and I am going to make what I feel. But I learn I have to adapt to the quality of my players."