Peter du Toit disputes naming rights for Cape Town City FC with John Comitis


Comitis’ ‘second coming’ into the top league is now hovering under a grey cloud with three weeks to go before they play host to Polokwane City in their first game of the season as Du Toit threatens to make life difficult for the new club.

Du Toit, a former player of the First Division club during the 1970s, claims he has owned the naming rights of Cape Town City for more than 20 years.

Despite the fact that he sold the franchise to African Warriors years ago, he was still the sole owner of the rights and says he was working on something “big” to restore the club to its former glory.

According to Du Toit, he was also on the verge of re-registering City but says the timing needed to be right.

This, however, was to his detriment as his friend of more than 20 years pounced on the opportunity and hijacked the name along with the vision he had for the club.

Du Toit reckons he was left speechless when his “so-called friend” registered the club with the PSL subsequent to buying the Mpumalanga Black Aces franchise from the Morfou brothers more than a month ago.

“He didn't think twice to stab me in the back,” the Soccer Laduma boss tells

“I’m aware it wasn't illegal what he did, but he was deceitful and dishonest. Morally it just isn't right you know. You just don't do that to your friend.

“I spoke to a lot of people with regards to my plans for the club and John was well aware of these ideas. I even told him about rewarding ex-footballers of the club with season tickets.

“It’s only after he registered the club that he was prepared to discuss the matter with me. But what was there to talk about? He obviously knew if he had consulted me prior, I would have said no.”

The Siya Crew captain is adamant that he will not let the matter go unchallenged.

“Let me make it very clear that this is not a very nice thing for me to do and it doesn't give me any pleasure at all,” he adds.

“I’ve got the highest respect for his dad and so too his family. I feel particularly very bad for his children as I don't like these kinds of situations. I’m weighing up my options and not going to allow this to happen.”

Du Toit says he valued his friendship with Comitis and recalls how he had to “patch up” the relationship between Comitis and Rob Moore after the two fell out years ago.

“They didn't speak for years and I had to mend their relationship,” he claims. “John did the same with his brothers-in-law when he didn't disclose the R3-million he received from the League. He’s like a leopard … he never changes his spots.”

Comitis, when contacted for his side of the story, was not very forthcoming.

“If Peter's got issues he needs to tell you what he's talking about,” he responds. “I’ve got nothing to say … find out from him.”

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