Pitshou Kanga Nzenza wishes Kaizer Chiefs had signed Jean-Marc Makusu


Nzenza says he would have loved to see new Orlando Pirates striker Jean-Marc Makusu from his home country of Democratic Republic of Congo playing for Chiefs.

According to Nzenza, his fellow compatriot can easily guarantee a club at least 15 goals per season.

"Yah he's such a good player, I'm telling you hey. He is a big name, he is scoring a lot of goals," Nzenza tells

"He is a striker that maybe out of three good supplies he can give you two goals. I'm telling you it's a lucky, lucky day for Pirates to acquire such a player. AS Vita is a big, big club in Congo and I'm telling you he left supporters crying there.

"He is physically strong and I rate him very highly. I think he will do well. He is such a player that is used to pressure because Vita is too demanding, every week you are training in front of more than 20 000 people, and you are playing in front of more than 80 000.

"You know my wish, my recommendation... how can Bobby [Motaung] not get a player like that? But always Pirates is getting good players you know. I wish he could have joined Chiefs. With the problems Chiefs are having now, he could have been a solution.

"The problem with Chiefs is, we are there, but they don't contact us. Just a call, it's going to cost nothing. I will just suggest or advise, I'm not going to force people to sign a player, I will just recommend.

"Chiefs is my team, I would like to support, I would like to help. It's not good seeing Chiefs suffering like this. Not a goal, it's painful.

"Watch this guy [Makusu], for the first season he will score above 10 I'm telling you. If they treat him well, he is going to get more. But he is a type of striker that every season he can score above 15. We are used to him like that."

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