Pitso Mosimane calls of PSL referees to protect Gaston Sirino


Mamelodi Sundowns coach Pitso Mosimane has called on local referees to protect his midfielder Gaston Sirino from the "bullies" in the PSL.

Sirino has been a target of opposition players who use intimidation tactics to take him out of the match.

The tricky midfielder was lucky not to walk away with a red card after reacting to a punch following a foul by defender Clayton Daniels during the MTN8 semifinals against SuperSport United last week.

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"If you look at the footage, I am not saying he didn't react. I am not saying that but look at Clayton Daniels. He is the first to lay a hand on his face and then comes Dean Furman, he lays his hand on the face. I mean the guy is small like the lady here. Who should protect him? He reacts. It's normal," said Mosimane.

"I am not saying he must punch people or what, what. If he punches, give him a red card, no problem. Those who lay a hand on him, give them yellow. Go to Clayton, give him yellow. Go to Dean, give him yellow. By the way, Dean was on yellow, so let him off. Take Sirino out. Yes it's okay.

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"But somebody must protect Sirino. How can we have a technical player like this and we don't protect them? So we want them off because everybody puts his hand on his face and he reacts because he is small. What is it going to do? The bullies are going to do what they have to do, to send him off."

'Jingles' has since urged those bullies to test their boxing skills against Wayne Arendse or Denis Onyango next time instead of their diminutive Uruguayan.

"I want them to go to Wayne Arendse, I want Dean to go to Arendse and put a hand on his face. I want Clayton to go to Arendse or Denis. Heavyweight to heavyweight. If you're a big boy, go to Denis. You know how big is the hand of Denis.' 

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