Platinum Stars management expect Cavin Johnson to finish in Absa Premiership top six


Last season Dikwena earned a third-place finish after a resurgent end to the campaign, which saw them leap-frog both Kaizer Chiefs and Mpumalanga Black Aces.

Asked what his ambition is for the coming season, Johnson has taken a holistic perspective and targeted a top eight finish while taking into account the juvenility he has brought in.

"Last season we aimed for a top five finish. If we go back [three season ago], we lost the league by one point," said Johnson.

"If we take those stats and the way we work now, going forward [into the new season], realistically if we are in the top eight then we are doing well.

"We will be competing on the field because we're entertainers, and if we do that properly then we realistically say we should be in the top eight.

"As far as promoting players re concerned, progresively we've let 10 older players go and we've made our team younger with 17, 19 and 20-year-old players.

"Those are the plusses we look at in terms of our improvement as a team, but we will compete in the top eight and, going forward, our philosphy will be to never go out of the top eight."

Meanwhile, Stars general manager Senzo Mazingisa has further stated that the board "realistically" expect the team to finish in the top six.

"We must be realistic as a club," said Mazingisa. "We've got big clubs in this country, and people will ask 'what is a big club?' It's big budgets, big brands, ideally situated within the country - Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria.

"Those factors play a role in how we determine our own targets, so we'll be very happy as a club if we had to finish in the top six [next season], realistically.

"I know I'm putting pressure on the coach - he said top eight - but now I'm saying realistically, we have to push the coach.

"People must not think the coach is coming here, promotes and then he's happy, no. We want results. With the team we had last season we don't really expect miracles but realistically we must compete."