Pollen Ndlanya explains David Modise, Shakes Kungwane politics at Kaizer Chiefs

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Kaizer Chiefs legend Pollen 'Trompies' Ndlanya explains why former teammate David Modise felt he was treated badly by some of the club's stars.

Modise lifted the lid last week on the type of player politics existed at Amakhosi back in the 1990s and accused the likes of the late Shakes Kungwane and Tshepo Molatedi of forming a clique to maintain their positions in the team.

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Those claims were supported by Marco Mthembu, who was also part of the team back in those days.

According to Ndlanya, it is normal in football clubs for established players to feel insecure when a new player is signed.

"You know during our playing time, that is why we were excelling you see, we had great players like David [Modise], Shakes [Kungwane], Tsiki-Tsiki [Thabo Mooki] at Kaizer Chiefs," Ndlanya tells KickOff.com.

"That is why we were producing results. We had too much competition in a sense that it's normal if a player comes in you see. Like Modise, we knew him, he was a great and very intelligent player.

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"So obviously coming in you have to share the position you see. So obviously there will be that thing that, 'Hey, he's going to take my jersey, he's going to take my position.'

"But at the same time there was this competition amongst... if I have to compare now to current players, that is why you find an ordinary player, there's no excitement because during our time there would be a midfielder and strikers competing with each other you know.

"And personally me as Pollen Ndlanya, in the striking force, if they bring in a player like a striker obviously I will have that negative attitude, but I will take it in a positive way to say 'now I will have to push myself'.

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"So there'll still be like passing remarks from the players saying, 'No this one is from there and me I'm from Joburg.' But on the field of play you will see that there's results.

"So I think what David is saying is true but personally I wouldn't take it personally, because it was competition. David Modise when he came in, David was good, very good.

"If you were an ordinary player, you would have a problem. But David, you had no other choice but to love him because he was very good and he was contributing, and was loved by the supporters.

"There's no way you would hate that guy and not pass him the ball because he was very good. I think David, when he came in, he had to make his mark and produce the goods, and automatically the players began to love him.

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"It's not because they didn't like him. They just had that thing of saying, 'Eish, he's going to come in and shine.'

"We ended up being friends. I think the reason he played for such a short time at Kaizer Chiefs is an issue of contracts, I'm not sure. It was not because of that."