Polokwane City sign Malawi international Denis Chembezi


It is believed the centre-back's transfer to Rise and Shine will last for two-and-a-half years, although Larsen could not confirm his contract details.

"I think [he signed] in the last two days. For me it's just important that the player is on board," Larsen confirms to KickOff.com.

Larsen shares what attracted him to the Malawi international.

"Well he's a central defender firstly, you know that's a problem area for us. Secondly, he's a Malawian international, he's played in the last two international qualifiers so he's a regular now in the national team.

"So ja, he comes with strong defensive qualities. He's a strong defender, he enjoys his defending, and I think we are looking for at this point strong defenders who can really block out opposition attacks, and that's one of his qualities.

"But like I said, coming with international experience really would help us considering that we've currently got the two youngsters at centre-half, and we need a bit of experience."

Does he plans to make more signings before the transfer window slams shut?

"Ja it's difficult to get quality players locally. Anybody who comes now is probably a player that is deemed surplus at other clubs you know, and the chance of them coming and really doing well are really limited," Larsen explains.

"So ja, I suppose if the right player becomes available and a lot of action takes place towards the end of the transfer window next week [we might sign more], when teams decide if they are offloading or not.

"Some teams leave it for very, very late. So you know there are times when players become available with a day or two left in the transfer window. We will see. If nothing comes of it, we will continue with what we've got."