PSL closes Emille Baron insurance payout case


The PSL has finally addressed the 2013 insurance payout to former Kaizer Chiefs and Bidvest Wits goalkeeper Emille Baron.

Baron, who told this website he had to sell all his possessions to feed his family after his forced retirement, felt he was "screwed" by the League's insurance payout after he broke his leg in 2013 playing for Wits.

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He received R400 000 compensation for his career-ending injury, made up of both his entitlement as well as Wits' share of R200 000, for which the club has stressed the player should be grateful.

The 40-year-old former goalminder, however, feels he was barely taken care of and believes he was owed closer to R1.85-million for half of the remainder of his contract at the time.

"According to the PSL they take your monthly salary and times it by five years. My math made it plus-minus R3.7-million. Because I was over 30, they said it would be halved," Baron told this website in April last year.

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PSL official Professor Ronnie Schloss says as far as he knows, Baron's case is closed.

"You know as far as we concerned all the payments have been made," Schloss tells

"Yes I do [remember the Baron case] but I'm not getting involved and I'm just making a statement. You asked me what the situation is and I can tell you as far as we are concerned everything has been done, and the insurance case is closed.

"He's received the payment a long time ago, okay? He received the payment when he got injured that time. The issue as far as we are concerned was resolved, okay?"

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SAFPU secretary general Calvin Motloung appears to still be looking into the matter as they try to assist the former goalminder.

"Emille Baron, I had a meeting with Prof [Schloss] demanding to know how they ended up deciding on the money they gave him," he adds.

"So the payout, the insurance says it was a compromised payout. He was not supposed to get anything [more than he did]."

Baron could not be reached for comment.

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