Rhulani Mokwena responds to Ernst Middendorp ove Picasso


Mokwena last week likened his side’s performance in the Telkom Knockout quarterfinal Soweto Derby to the world-famous artwork by Italian painter Leonardo Da Vinci back in the 16th century.

However, the 32-year-old likened himself to Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, causing a big stir amongst fans who were quick to correct his metaphor, with Middendorp also said to have taken to his personal social media to provide correction.

The Bucs mentor has since issued clarity on his statement and also responded to the alleged post by the German, as he took a jibe at the 56-year-old using social media.

“I’m glad Ernst understands that Picasso is something, because the reality is that Picasso is a person – a very talented person, or was a very talented person,” said Mokwena.

“Picasso was a lover of paintings, and that’s why I used that analogy. The Mona Lisa was not Picasso’s; the Mona Lisa belonged to Leonardo Da Vinci.

“But sometimes in life, because you love something, it doesn’t mean you are jealous of beauty if it’s not yours.

“You’ve got to be able to sometimes sit and admire, even when you did not paint it, and even if it does not belong to you, you still admire because of the love for art.

“That’s what I was saying – I love football. Even though Pirates does not belong to me but to the people, and the player belong to the club, but because I love football, I sit back like Picasso in admiring Leonardo Da Vinci’s work.

“Maybe Ernst can use that on his social media pages; it’s a good thing I’m not too much into social media, so I don’t play in that space.

“I know a lot of coaches that are playing that space; I’ve decided not to play in that space anymore, I leave it to Ntsiki [Nyauza].”