Seoposenwe targets Banyana win over New Zealand ahead of Olympic opener with Sweden


Banyana, who will have their third training session in Rio de Janeiro this afternoon, will face the Kiwis tomorrow.

“It feels good to be here finally, even though it still feels like it is taking forever for the Games to start. But it is good to finally be in the Olympic Village,” said Seoposenwe as she gears up for her Olympic debut.

“We also got some training under our belt and we are trying to get ready for our friendly. Hopefully we can get a good result out of that because I believe we need that, and not just a good performance but a win because even though we played well against teams like the USA and the Netherlands, losses are not what we wanted.

“Getting a win in that match would be good for the team as a whole and it will increase the confidence of trying to get goals, which is what we have lacked in. And so it would be good if we could get a positive result and take it to the tournament.”

Seoposenwe believes Vera Pauw's outfit are in good shape for the sporting showpiece following recent friendlies against the likes of Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Netherlands and world champions USA.

“Yes, it has been very good and I believe the team is ready in terms of organisation and tactics. I think we have learned so much. We also have the determination, which we showed against the US, the best team in the world. So I believe we are ready but there are still a couple of things we need to adjust, alter and get better at.

“The team has definitely grown from where we were a few months ago, and you could see that from the performance against the USA. So we are ready and very excited for the game (against Sweden) to come because there is something we bring to the table that no one else does.”

Seoposenwe added: “I think we will do well, hopefully the team will rally together and focus on our first game and get a good result. That would be really important for us in terms of getting out of the group because the first game is always very important.

“Tactically, physically and mentally we are almost there. So as the next game (New Zealand) comes it will help in terms of getting to the point where we want to be. From there we will be able to tell if we are still lacking and so I am excited and everyone is focused on the task at hand and hopefully we can get a good result out of our first game.”

Banyana, who have also been paired with hosts Brazil and China in Group E, were eliminated in the first round of the 2012 London Olympics.

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