Sinky Mnisi opposed to Highlands Park sale to Tim Sukazi


Highlands Park co-director Sinky Mnisi has sent a stern warning that the club cannot be sold without his knowledge and approval as talk of the club's sale continues.

TS Galaxy owner Tim Sukazi has been in discussions to buy Highlands Park's PSL status for months, and appears to be moving closer in his pursuit this week.

Lions of the North chairman Brad Kaftel has already denied that any deal has been struck but admitted the club is in talks with Sukazi and willing to sell for the right price.

However, these reports have taken Mnisi by surprise and he is ready to go to court to stop the transaction. Other directors at Highlands Park include chairman Kaftel and Larry Brookstone.

"The gloves are off," Mnisi tells when asked if he has any knowledge that Highlands Park is in the process of being sold.

"I am the shareholder and I am the director, let's see what the documents are saying because I know myself to be a shareholder and a director, and as such I am entitled the right to information.

"Nevermind people can be majority shareholders, I am a minority shareholder, but I think I am entitled to right of information. If they say they have signed the deal to the PSL, the PSL knows that I am one of the shareholders and directors. It's there on the list of officials of the team.

"No deal will be processed without me signing, being a minority or what-not. Let me say the gloves are off and I am prepared to fight all the way."

Meanwhile, Kaftel insists nothing has been sold but again leaves the door wide open for a possible PSL exit next season.

"The only reason if ever consider selling the club will be for a financial reason," Kaftel admits.

"At the moment our focus is ending the season on a high note. All other things will be discussed at the end of the season, which is Saturday."